About ERPnext

ERPNext helps businesses with processes such as financial accounting, project management, human resources and inventory management. The solution’s human resource management feature enables companies to come up with staff records, record expense claims and measure employee performance. For project management, the system allows users to formulate project tasks, which can be carried out by employees.
As it is an open source platform, ERPNext supports both Linux and Web browser operating systems. A free trial of the software is available for those who want to test it first. Pricing is flexible with payment plans dependent on the number of users.

Why Choose ERPnext?

  • ERPnext is open source software and anyone can freely download and install it
  • ERPnext is easy to use and easily set up in a short period of time
  • Easy Web UI
  • ERnext is having the web-based architecture
  • Flexibility. Metadata modelling allows to customize applications without programming.
  • Easy report builder Value for money Good look and feel Works well on any device

ERPnext Implementation at Ilexsquare

The team of Ilexsquare combines strong technical excellence and great customer service along with value for each penny. We always believe in providing solutions which are highly focused on value added functionalities as per the customer requirement and user-friendly interfaces. ERPNext an open source Enterprise Solution is one of the trusted platform. This software helps you to streamline your business operations across all the departments and entire life cycle, create more visibility into business which will ultimately enhances you profitability. To implement ERPNext you would need a strong implementation partner as Ilexsquare. Ilexsquare has a great experience into implementing and Customizing ERPNext for your business. Apart from implementation we have designed various modules into ERPnext which can be extremely useful for your business.

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