ERP for Construction Company

ERP is now empowering Construction companies to work more efficiently, cost effective and have greater visibility into their business processes. Incase if you are in construction industry and try to analyze how ERP can help your business, please continue reading.

ERP Helps Construction Business to run smoothly & effective, Let us understand more about amazing features of ERP Software.

  • Financial Management, accounting system, and payroll features are designed to enable financial part of your Business more aligned and can be accessible to a particular team or to all departments. (based on the business requirement)
  • Bid management feature, with the ability to access Financial records and historical data of the customers through a fully- integrated customer relationship management Solutions (CRM)
  • The ability of drill down detailed reports of Historical data and performance analysis into a bird- eye - view can be possible only after implementation of ERP Solution.
  • Profit tracking, Margin control, and asset management can be specially designed as per the requirement of construction types of equipment and resources.
  • ERP can be managed with across multiple locations and can be fully automated.
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Project Tracking
In the construction industry, the ability to analyze and track the progress of the project is difficult. Construction projects have to be completed with the given time and your employees have to be accountable for their performance. With the help of ERP system, you can have a clear visibility into the progress of a project, you can track right from start to the end so that you can ensure they are being completed on time. With this visibility feature, operational performance will improve and the project will be on track.
Improved Lead Management
ERP has inbuilt CRM Solution or it can be also integrated with your existing platform. You can effectively manage the lead system, track functionalities to make project forecasting, planning, and lead acquisition.
Regulatory Compliance
Rules and regulations are important part of the construction world. But ERP is a solution which can automate most of the regulatory compliance of construction business. So you can eliminate spreadsheets and paper copies. ERP Solutions provide transparency, visibility and data security to easily meet regulatory compliance standards without hassles.

To implement ERP correctly for your business, you need a good implementation partner.

Ilexsquare has implemented ERP Solution such as ERPnext and Odoo ERP for various construction companies. We have customized ERP based on Client’s business requiremen

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