AIMWELD INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY made its beginning in the year 1987 by setting up its design, production and quality management facilities at Mumbai. With and over all experience of 35 years in the field of welding technology, Aimweld’s promoters have been instrumental in constantly evolving to give you the best and latest in Welding Equipment technology.

AIMWELD’s Endeavour to provide technology advantage to its customer is generally reflected in its launch of new products. The latest arrival is full range of IGBT inverter welders armed with soft switching technology.

AIMWELD is fully equipped to satisfy ever increasing customer expectations. The company possess all essential machines, equipment to meet its design, production, inspection, testing and storage needs

The Challenge

  1. Complex orders were entered on single user spreadsheets and relate project material was kept in shared folders
  2. Many staff required to simply enter the orders and control the workflow
  3. Expensive errors were common
  4. Double handling of data entry to keep separate project system updated
  5. Manufacturing schedules was handled manually
  6. Stock was not integrated which caused bad planning and shortfalls
  7. On-site measurements and installations were handled using a 3rd party calendaring system
  8. No mobile solution for measures or installers
  9. Inability to produce up to date sales figures
  10. Difficult to do any detailed sales analysis

The Solution

  1. Custom order entry system to handle Aimwelds complex and multi-step order entry system.
  2. Warehouse & stock – to manage stock levels, receipts and deliveries.
  3. Customer and sub-contractor
  4. Measurer’s and installer’s scheduling.
  5. Automated generation of subcontractor invoicing procedures for approval and payment.
  6. Mobile solution for on-site staff.
  7. Appraisal, Commission Payroll and Exit process management.
  8. Complete Indian Accounting Report developed for GSTR 1, GSTR 2 and GSTR 3 along with Export, TDS and Subsidy reports.


  1. Control and visibility of every step of our complex workflows from initial customer enquiry through measuring, manufacturing and installation.
  2. Reduction in order entry staff.
  3. Excellent platform for further growth.
  4. Inventory control, loss of inventory, scrap and reusable inventory
  5. Export management with container planning management increases optimum utilisation of container result into saving of huge $$$ Cost.
  6. Bulk Insurance management operations get into good control which decreases the headache of the Accounting department.
  7. Client outstanding, receivables and Supplier payable management gain full Account and Management control results into better cash flow management.
  8. Employee attendance, manual error, overtime pay, leave management and efficiency management have been tracked with ease.
  9. Indian Accounting custom reports eliminated Accountant’s hesitation to use Odoo which results into replacing Tally with Odoo ERP.
  10. Automated generation of sub-contractor invoices which is a great time-saver.

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